Irvine Attorney Foroozandeh’s Clients Find Sobriety Through DUI Court Program

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MADD's drunk driving statistics show that two in three drivers will be involved in a drunk driving crash, whether victim or perpetrator, in their lifetime. Attorney Majid Foroozandeh of the Law Offices Of Foroozandeh, APC speaks on the virtues of the Orange County DUI Court Program, with more offenders successfully graduating sober.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB)May 08, 2015

According to MADD's 2015 report, “10,000 people each year continue to die in drunk driving crashes.” Law Offices Of Foroozandeh, APC, an Orange County–based law firm which handles cases involving DUI/DWI, personal injury, immigration, among others, is speaking out about the rehabilitation options for DUI offenders to help stop the cycle of abuse and bring these numbers down.

As a DUI experienced attorney, Majid Foroozandeh has seen the effects the system has on his clients, both negative and positive. However, in the last few years, he has seen more positive outcomes, by encouraging second and third offenders to apply for the DUI Court Program. Many have successfully exited the program sober and to this day have remained sober.

Attorney Foroozandeh's most recent client in the program is Ms. Pauline Baldridge, a mom with three young adult daughters (Case Nos. 14HM02285, 13HM0999, and 13HM06872, The Superior Court of County of Orange, State of California; Harbor Justice Center). “This was a very challenging case, as she received her second and third DUIs about four months apart. This could have quite easily gone the other way and she could be serving time right now and missing out on being with her daughters. Instead, she reached out for help; she was a champion in recognizing that she had a problem. I am thrilled for her and so very proud of her, as she is in the process of preparing to now advance to the third phase of the DUI court program. She graduated from her ninety day recovery program at the Hope House in August of 2014, and continues to return to Hope House with her Graduate Status, where she continues to be of service to the residents and staff. She is a true inspiration to those who suffer from alcoholism” said Attorney Foroozandeh.

The Superior Court of California DUI Court Program is a court-supervised program for DUI offenders who have no violence, drug sales or gang activity in their past. This voluntary program includes comprehensive treatment, supervision and regular court appearances throughout its minimum one year term. The Orange County Superior Court DUI Court has been selected, for the third time, as an “Academy Court” by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and the National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC). This distinction makes it one of the top four DUI/DWI Courts in the United States. Their procedures and staff are used to train other Courts from across the United States who are interested in operating DUI/DWI Courts.” Credit:

“As an attorney, I am there to defend my clients, but when options are available to get them help in the process and we, as a society can make an impact in someone's life, this is always the better way to go,” said Foroozandeh. “The system wants to help. If we can get one more person sober, we are not only helping them save their own life, but potentially other lives around them. It's a win, win for everyone.”

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